Painting the wild beauty of nature

From ethereal landscapes to soft, seductive roses, my art exposes the wild feminine within the natural world.

It’s been a journey of self-discovery, through exploration of nature’s voluptuous curves and mysterious symbols. A reoccurrence of flowing organic forms, mysterious midnight waters, curving folds of petals–calling me to explore my relationship with the Divine Feminine.

Explore the wilderness

Abstractions of the rose

My latest series explores the Sacred Feminine with a series of abstracted rose images. Sensuously curving petals lead you into the mysterious depths to reveal the passion of the living heart.

Mysterious landscapes

Explore the wild beauty of my misty and alluring landscapes. Immerse yourself in the swirling vortex of fiery stars reflected on midnight waters and contemplate your connection with nature

Still life with soul

Nature art without the wilderness. My still life paintings use supple textures, rich colours and sensuous curves to explore the flow of life. Putting the cycle of nourishment and rebirth into focus

“The artwork I purchased from Coral is exquisite. It brings me such peace and happiness.”
Rosie Sayers, Collector

About me

Coral Minster

As nature’s wild child, I grew up exploring and adventuring into the mountainous rness near my family home. Over many years, I formed a sacred relationship with nature. A deep, personal connection that I continue to explore in my art.

As I painted, certain curves and symbols have emerged from my subconscious, reappearing in my artwork. This has led me on a path of spiritual self-discovery, and a greater understanding and exploration of the principals of the Sacred Feminine.

My work is found in private collections across Australia, Canada, US, England, Scotland, Malaysia and Singapore.

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